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Giving You a Little Time For Yourself

Master techniques based on ancient Asian mysticism and geomancy to enable you to live a more fulfilling, wholesome life. The advanced system of Qi Men Dun Jia employed by Smita is known to give unexpected and insightful information to devise coherent and effective strategies for problems of all natures andsizes.

Feng shui audit

Answers to the difficult questions of life using the ancient art and magic of Qi Men

Transforming your home in accordance with the ancient laws of Feng Shui

Aligning your office space for better business and higher profits

Quick tips for life’s problems

Wardrobe Consultation based on Feng Shui

Video consultation available 24x7

Access the life-changing magic of Feng Shui from any corner of the world!

Excellent Track Records

Use smart feng shui money tips to attract the energy of wealth and abundance

100% Confidential

Secrets are sacred and your problems the conduit to divinely ordained solutions. Never hesitate again to open your mind and change your life.

743+ Success Stories

Feng Shui can change lives... and I have spent most of my life watching miracles happen everyday. The smile on my clients' faces makes my day!

92+ Managing Partners

At Smita's Holistic Wellness, we are committed to providing you with quality service at every step of your journey!

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