Welcome to the first day of achieving your inner greatness.


Imagine a house full of clutter. There is a mess on the floor, the beds are not made and the walls are dirty. There are no windows and therefore no cross ventilation. No greenery, no peace. Can you live in a house like that for the rest of your life? Would you want to?

Then why would you force your soul to live in a house like that? Welcome to Ancient Feng Shui: the art of using elements of Nature to clean up your life. Welcome to the first day of achieving your inner greatness. Namaste.

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“Just wow. No words. I’m lucky I met someone like Smita and came across the magic that is fengshui. Never imagined this would work so well!” 

Jane Probert

“As someone who did not believe in feng-shui, I was initially hesitant to approach Smita. Today I thank my lucky stars that I chose to go ahead…Smita and feng shui have changed my life completely!”

Sanhitha Bhansali

“Smita is one of the best feng shui consultants I have met in my life… she is pure magic. Each and every solution that she offered has worked in my favour. I considered my life finished… then Smita came along and revived it!”

-Harry Summers

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